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Table Tennis. TT Cup TT Cup
6:30 (TT Cup)
Badminton. BWF World Tour Singapore Open
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Table Tennis. Master Tour Master Tour TT
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Tennis. WTA Tour WTA Tour, Gstaad
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Cycling. Grand Tour Tour de France
12:30 (Grand Tour)
Water Polo. European Championship Turkey – Netherlands
13:00 (European Championship)
Handball. European U-20 Championship B Faroe Islands U20 – Lithuania U20
13:00 (European U-20 Championship B)
Tennis. WTA Tour Laura Siegemund – Petra Martic
13:05 (WTA Tour)
Lacrosse. World Championship Italy – Finland
13:15 (World Championship)
Tennis. WTA Tour I.Bara/N.Geuer – D.Kovinic/M.Zanevska
13:45 (WTA Tour)
Tennis. ATP World Tour Richard Gasquet – Casper Ruud
13:45 (ATP World Tour)
Racing. Formula 1 German Grand Prix
14:00 (Formula 1)
Beach Soccer. Euroleague Moldova – Kazakhstan
14:00 (Euroleague)
Beach Volleyball. European Championship 2018 European Championship
14:00 (European Championship)
Canoe Racing. Canoe Sprint World Championships, Ivrea
14:00 (Canoe Sprint)
Football. Malaysia. Super League Johor – Kelantan
14:00 (Malaysia. Super League)
Baseball. Friendly Tournament Japan – Chinese Taipei
14:00 (Friendly Tournament)
Handball. European U-20 Championship Russia U20 – Spain U20
14:00 (European U-20 Championship)
Handball. European U-20 Championship Sweden U20 – Iceland U20
14:00 (European U-20 Championship)
Basketball. European Championship U-20 B Russia U20 – Finland U20
14:00 (European Championship U-20 B)
Basketball. European Championship U-20 B Georgia U20 – Hungary U20
14:00 (European Championship U-20 B)
Handball. European U-20 Championship B Netherlands U20 – Kosovo U20
14:00 (European U-20 Championship B)
Tennis. ATP Challenger Tour Yannick Maden – Attila Balazs
14:25 (ATP Challenger Tour)
Football. Russia. Second Division. Ural Chelyabinsk – Ural II
14:30 (Russia. Second Division. Ural)
Water Polo. European Championship Georgia – Italy
14:30 (European Championship)
Tennis. WTA Tour Veronika Kudermetova – Eugenie Bouchard
14:40 (WTA Tour)
Football. Friendly Match Krasnodar U21 – Kapfenberg do 21
15:00 (Friendly Match)
Football. Friendly Match Helsingborg – Fremad Amager
15:00 (Friendly Match)
Football. Russia. Second Division. Ural NoSta – KamAZ Nab Chelny
15:00 (Russia. Second Division. Ural)
Football. Russia. Second Division. Ural Lada Tl – Zvezda Perm
15:00 (Russia. Second Division. Ural)
Lacrosse. World Championship Puerto Rico – Israel
15:00 (World Championship)
Athletics. National Event Ukrainian Championship
15:00 (National Event)
Handball. European U-20 Championship B Finland U20 – Estonia U20
15:00 (European U-20 Championship B)
Field Hockey. Women. C-American & Caribbean Games Mexico (W) – Cuba (W)
15:00 (C-American & Caribbean Games)
Beach Soccer. Euroleague Switzerland – Poland
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